Best Off-Road Skateboards

10. L-faster electric skateboard truck SUV skateboard belt drive truck 4-wheel long board
Atom 90 MountainBoard
Imagine a high speed of 40 km / h. Well, that's what this skateboard promised. Each of the two small 36-volt engines has a maximum output of 1650 watts and is the most powerful. It is also very quiet and smooth thanks to the drive mechanism of the belt. Road vibrations and shocks are significantly reduced on trucks and lifting platforms, while two 8-inch wheels minimize slippage or fall into a trap when depressed.

9. SDS 7 Ply Maple Mountain Board, SUV Skateboard 32 x 8.5 inches

This off-road skateboard has a solid maple structure measuring 32 x 8.5 inches. It also has an aluminum truck measuring 10.5 inches, which is very stable and convenient. 200 x 50 mm pneumatic tires provide sufficient stability, and bearings ABEC-5 provide maximum durability and excellent performance. It's safe to say that the assembly is necessary, but ready to go. The nylon cover is included for your convenience.

8. L-Faster 4-wheel SUV Skateboard 11-inch truck 8-inch Inflationary tire Power Gas Longboard Truck

Perhaps this truck with L-speed skateboard can be moved off-road to skateboarding. Due to its solid nature, it is more resistant to vibration, shock and shock and reduces the likelihood of breakage. Like smooth and durable suspension devices, two large eight-inch wheels that easily pass through holes and grooves provide greater comfort. It also delivers superior performance with two 1650 watt motors and an automatic belt drive system.

7. Ninestep 25mph 2000w mountain electric skateboard, electric SUV skateboard

Reaching a speed of up to 25 miles per hour is not a problem for Ninestep Electric skateboards. Powered by a 2000 watt brushless motor, it can go up to 30 degrees. The powerful 11Ah LG battery provides a range of 35 km and requires charging for at least 3 hours. Long boards are strong and can support up to 150 kg of people, and large pneumatic tires are available for traction and stability.

6. Atom Longboards Atom 95X Mountain Board, off-road skateboard

Adolescents and adults can call the Atom 95X an excellent mountain board. It is also suitable for off-road, as well as for distance, rest. All track skates work with 8-inch diamond tires to increase stability and ride comfort, but the Tri-Spoke hub and quality bearings make the ride softer and more relaxed. To make it more stylish and fashionable, included PHT-graphics, maple laminated decks and aluminum tape. Best Off-Road Skateboards